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Toshiba TV Support Toshiba TV Support Toshiba TV Support

Toshiba TV Support

OK!, we know you came to this website seeking Toshiba TV support information and all you are pursuing is forthcoming but first it would be a good idea to realize a little bit of background information concerning the company that produces Toshiba Televisions so you know who you are dealing with.

Toshiba is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo.  The name Toshiba is derived from the two companies that merged in 1939 to form the present day electronics giant.  One was the Shibaura Engineering Works that was started in 1875 by "boy wonder" Hisashige Tanaka (1799-1881).  He was a lifelong inventor whose accomplishments included a perpetual clock and mechanical dolls.  Early on he developed a keen interest in electricity and this led to the first products his new company produced which was telegraphic instruments.   The enterprise grew to become Japan's largest manufacturer of heavy duty electric motors and apparatus.

The other company in the tandem was the Tokyo Electric Company formed in 1890 as a manufacturer of electric light bulbs.  This company grew to become a big maker of consumer electronic products.  Shibaura Engineering Works continued as a producer of heavy duty industrial products.

The two companies amalgamated in 1939 under the name Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company and soon became known as Toshiba.  In 1978 company management yielded to the obvious and officially changed the name of the company to the single word Toshiba which would become recognized around the world as a premier maker of a wide range of consumer and industrial electrical and electronic products.

The renamed company "Toshiba" has done quite well for itself.  Today it has grown to become the 10th biggest electronics maker in the world with sales of $60+ billion and employing almost 200,000 associates in worldwide operations.  It has an enviable record of accomplishment in the field of electric and electronic products.  this was exemplified by its introduction of the first 3D television that can be enjoyed without the use of special glasses in 2010.

In addition to being a world class producer of televisions Toshiba makes many other products.  They include such things as:

Railway transportation and air traffic control systems
semi conductors and printed circuit boards for the computer industry
Consumer appliances - ie DVD players and microwave ovens
Electronic components such as batteries and electron tubes
Professional and personal computers, laptops and servers
Heavy duty industrial equipment - elevators, power plant generators
Medical equipment - X-ray machines
Communication gear - smart phones
Space related products

One of the main underpinnings of the success of Toshiba is its policy of always providing excellent product support.  The company has an efficient system to provide support for their television products.  It starts with a website that will help solve any technical problems associated with their tv products.

The Toshiba TV Support System is highly comprehensive and will address 99% of customer concerns.  For the 1% not covered by the Toshiba support system you might try the TechSupport Forum.   To utilize the Toshiba system click here to access the website.

You should see the Toshiba Product Support Welcome Page.  Click on the Product Support link as indicated by the red arrow.

Toshiba TV Support

You should now be on the product selection page.  Here you will make three selections again as indicated by the red arrows.  First select televisions then choose the family type for your TV and finally choose the particular model of your TV.  Click on the red "GO" button and you will be taken to the support bulletins page.

Toshiba TV Support

On the Support Bulletins Page click on the topic that addresses you concerns applicable to your model and it will expand for your edification.

Toshiba TV Support